Sewer Division

The Sewer Division is responsible for routine maintenance of sanitary and storm sewers. In performing maintenance of Village of Deerfield sewers the Sewer Division often implements a variety of inspection methods to determine what areas require repair:

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is one technique utilized to identify sections of sewers which may exhibit inflow during heavy rainfall. The Village will post signage if smoke testing is scheduled in your area. The smoke is not hazardous.

Sewer Televising

Televising is a state-of-the-art technology that allows the Sewer Division to see live footage of the inside of Village sewer lines in order to properly diagnose a problem. We are able to see if sewer lines are broken, separated, decaying, or blocked with tree roots or other debris. The televising equipment is equipped with a transmitter that pinpoints the exact location of the problem. When obstructions or breaks are found in the sewer, the Sewer Division selects the most effective repair method.

Sewer Lining

Sanitary sewer main lining extends the life of our sanitary sewers by 50 years or more. This technology essentially installs a new resin pipe inside the old clay tile sewer main without digging up city streets. This method causes minimal disruption to residents during construction. The liner pipe is inserted into the main through existing manholes and cured in place with a heat process. Any given segment is usually completed in one working day. Service line connections are reopened using a robotic cutter and remote cameras. During the process, existing flows are bypassed using pumps.