Solicitation Permits

Peddlers & Commercial Solicitors

Information herein is intended for Quick Reference. For complete guidelines as listed in Village Municipal Code, please contact Village Hall at 847-945-5000. Peddling and Soliciting for commercial purposes, is regulated within the Village of Deerfield.

Peddling & Commercial Soliciting Definitions

Peddling is defined as the sale or offering for sale of property, for immediate delivery from other than a fixed place of business on private property. Commercial Soliciting is defined as the selling or offering for sale of property for future delivery from other than a fixed place of business on private property or the soliciting of funds not involving the sale of property. Peddling and commercial soliciting does not include the sale of goods by local not-for-profit organizations organized for educational, religious, or other charitable purposes.

Every person engaging in the business of peddling or commercial soliciting must obtain a license from the Village of Deerfield. Each person needs to complete the application, submit a letter from their employer authorizing them to solicit and submit two photos per person. The Village has 5 business days to respond to the request. There is $50 (non-refundable) fee per person per 2-week period. Commercial solicitation and peddling is permitted Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., only.

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