Apply For

  1. Building Permit (PDF)

    Apply for a building permit.

  2. Employment Opportunities

    Locate your perfect job by searching through available employment opportunities.

  3. Liquor License

    To obtain a liquor license, please contact the Village Manager’s office.

  4. Freedom of Information

    Find the correct form based on department, for requesting access to public information from the Village of Deerfield.

  5. Solicitation Permit

    Peddling and soliciting for commercial purposes, is regulated within the Village of Deerfield.

  6. Raffle License

  7. Commercial Filming Permit

  8. Hen Keeping License

  9. Block Party

  10. Garage Sale

  11. Tree Removal Permit

    The Village of Deerfield is committed to preserving our trees, while allowing for reasonable improvement of land within the Village. A Tree Removal Permit is require before any trees are removed.